• Leah Norman

Need help with Health & Safety? Here is how to choose a competent consultant;

10 months on from the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act and many of our clients are still coming to terms with some of the changes, what it means for them and accepting that they really can benefit from on external assistance.

In these situations, it's important to ensure that you are getting your Health & Safety (H&S) advice from someone who is deemed to be competent. A competent person is defined as someone who has the right skills, knowledge and experience to carry out a task.

Up until recently, anyone could call themselves an H&S Professional but now the Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZ) has developed a HASANZ Register so that businesses can easily find reliable and competent advice and services.

To be accepted on to the register Health and Safety Professionals must meet the required competency standards of their member association.

We recommend that businesses ask the following four key questions when engaging a Health and Safety Consultant:

  • Are they a member of a professional association?

  • Can they provide evidence of relevant training and knowledge?

  • Do they have practical experience in your industry or type of business activity?

  • Are they happy for you to contact their clients about the work they have done for them?

Yellow Consulting is able to answer 'yes' to these questions. Have a look at our client testimonials on our website.

Disclaimer This article, and any information contained on our website is necessarily brief and general in nature, and should not be substituted for professional advice. You should always seek professional advice before taking any action in relation to the matters addressed.