I’m Leah Norman, and I started Yellow Consulting to help New Zealand’s small businesses compete with the big guys. I will always support the underdog (I’m even a Warriors fan).

I’ve always believed that working WITH business, I could make a difference - helping small businesses succeed using my knowledge and services.


After moving to Christchurch in 2011 to work in an undergraduate position for an accounting firm, I found myself without a job after the first earthquake hit.  I didn’t let this stop me, getting out and looking for work as soon as possible.


I ended up working for a temp agency, and​ was able to progress quickly to working as an industrial recruiter. I could talk to builders and plumbers as easily as I could talk to CEO'S, because underneath it all I was essentially one of them… someone that wanted to work hard. I was extremely successful because I listened and understood their needs, worked quickly, and delivered every time.

When the second earthquake hit and the rebuild started, the agency had a lot of qualified workers that we kept having to place with bigger companies as the little guys just didn't have the ability to gain the tenders.


This annoyed me. Growing up surrounded by farms in rural Waikato, I knew hard working people when I saw them - and I was sick of seeing them miss out, especially when I knew I could help.

Time after time I saw that the smaller businesses had far better skills and work ethic, and they followed all the correct health and safety measures and treated their people right, but didn't have the paperwork to back it up.

I decided to move back to the Waikato to gain my qualifications in HR, and when I came back to Christchurch I came back with a goal: to start a business that would provide the services that these hard working Kiwis needed to get the big contracts.


I started Yellow Consulting in 2014, working with small businesses to help them create health and safety policies and employment contracts, and offering ongoing support so my clients were able to present for tender on big contracts. I’ve always loved working in the agricultural sector as well as construction and building, and after growing my business by improving my clients’ businesses I now have the opportunity to work within many different industries. No day is ever the same!

Yellow Consulting was built to help small businesses achieve big goals, and thanks to the support of our customers we’re now able to work with businesses of all sizes, styles and sectors.

Get back to what you're great at;

we'll handle the rest.

Leah Norman
Director & Principal Consultant