It's all about safety... Do it once, do it right!

Given that those under the influence of either drugs or alcohol represent a potential hazard, it is the company’s responsibility to ensure all practical steps have been made to mitigate these and that the work environment is safe.

The risk is too costly to the welfare of the people within the workplace, both in down time and to your bottom line, to do nothing. You need to act now to ensure you are and will be compliant. Then there is the need to maintain a compliant status too.

We see the importance of creating healthier, safer workplaces to be a high priority, because we know how critical each person is on site to the overall safety of the workplace - Yellow Consulting has the knowledge, skills and resources, to provide your organisation with both compliant and legally robust documentation as well as the skills and resources to conduct the initial screening process in-house, saving you both time and money.

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  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Policies

  • Supporting Procedures Manuals

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We have significant industry knowledge across various industry sectors. This knowledge base has provided a solid foundation for Yellow Consulting to provide an AOD testing service, tailored specifically to New Zealand businesses. Our team is extremely knowledgeable about the illicit drug industry and its negative effects.